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Enrique Fig, Chile Road Movie

When Enrique's friend Andrew comes to help him shoot a documentary about New Mexico's Green Chile Cheeseburger Trail and help launch him as the next Food Network star, things don't go as planned -- as Andrew has other ideas about what the newly single Enrique's priorities should be.

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Andrew Cohn is a writer and filmmaker from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Cohn works as the PR & Marketing Manager for FOUND Magazine and Production Manager for Seven34 Films where he's produced several films, including the feature film Overhaul. He is also the creator and co-producer of the off-Broadway play FOUND: People Find Stuff. Now It's a Show. In 2009, he directed the documentary-short Dynamic Tom which was featured on McSweeney's Wholphin No. 12 DVD of short films. Most recently he directed the documentary Medora. Chile Road is his first feature film.

Rachael Counce is a Sagitarius and graduate from the University of Florida where she recieved her B.A. in Film and Media Studies. Originally from Corinth, Mississippi, she now lives and works in New York City -- sometimes on movies.

Enrique Figueredo received a BFA from State University of New York at Purchase with a concentration in Printmaking. He has a solo show once a year in Santa Fe, New Mexico, showcasing his large woodcut prints and is now preparing for an exhibition of paintings. He loves the arts, producing 2 albums of instrumental beats and now taking time for his photography. Enrique loves burgers more than the friends you have that claims they love burgers.


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